Wardens and Hall Seniors

The role of the wardening team is to look after the pastoral, social and disciplinary aspects of the Hall, while the rooms, fixtures and fittings are looked after by the housekeeping team. Room allocations are made by the Student Accommodation Office in South Kensington Campus.


Marko – Warden

MarkoMarko is the warden of three halls – Pembridge and Parsons. He hails from Croatia and works with computers. Marko lives in Pembridge with his wife, Ana, and daughters Dora and Lira. There is a lot to juggle between work, family and running three halls of residence! But there is always time for the residents if you’ve got any anything on your mind or fancy a drink.

Marko likes Ana’s food, a glass of wine, sports and talking to people. He also likes tidy and smiley students – make sure you’re one!

Abi – Assistant Warden

Abi is the Assistant Warden at Parsons, living with her partner Luke. She is a postdoctoral researcher in the Materials Science department, studying metallurgy. This just means she heats up metal and hits in in very particular ways. Besides the unhealthy obsession with metal, she enjoys playing music and has a wide collection of instruments. She can regularly be seen on or near a stage, taking part in musical theatre productions and watching shows in the West End. Abi is a baking enthusiast, both making and consuming, so grab her for a slice cake and a chat.

Paola – Subwarden

Paola is the Subwarden at Parsons. She was born and raised in Mexico and moved to London to study her masters. She is currently doing her PhD at Imperial in Chemical Engineering. She is a very approachable person and can speak fluently in 4 different languages (English, Spanish, German and French). She is passionate about sports, fashion, food and travelling. She has been living in the area for a while, so if you are looking for a place in particular do not hesitate to ask her.

Hall Seniors

Edoardo – Hall Senior

Hi! My name is Edoardo and I am a third year EEE student from Italy. It’s my first year  in Parson and I am excited to come and meet you and hopefully help in creating an amazing year! I love outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking in the mountains and mountain biking. I also like going to the gym and swimming and I cycle everyday to Imperial and I recommend it to everyone as its cheaper, faster and healthier! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Alexandru – Hall Senior

This is Alex. He is a second year EEE student, curious about any scientific field (kind of a geek). He comes from Romania, a country with unique traditions and culinary style. While he is not tinkering on some weird project, you can find him stargazing( surely not in London), cooking or even flying a drone( safely). Travelling is another passion of his, so he can’t wait to find people with whom to visit UK: both the mainstream and the less known, but still amazing, places. From time to time, he can be found cooking a large portion of food without following any real recipe( sometimes it turns delicious, other times it is a terrible fail). During weekends, he packs up and goes flying acrobatic quadcopters in Wormwood Scrubs (so you won’t have any delayed flights due to him). He is here to make your transition to university as smooth as possible, so don’t hesitate to ask any question!