Social Events

Events within the hall are an important part of your university life. With the hall being the size that it is, we attach great importance in getting our community as close as possible. To do this, the hall Wardens and Seniors, with your input, will organise trips and events for you throughout the year. These events are coordinated through the Hall Committee, where representatives of the hall input their ideas and feedback for the hall. These representatives are elected by you at the start of the year.

Freshers Fortnight

During the first two weeks after your arrival in to the hall, the Wardens and Seniors will have organised a selection of events to help you get orientated within and around the hall, as well as to help you to get to know your fellow Parsonians. These could include: Boat Party, Chinese Meal, Comedy Nights, Tours of London and Hammersmith, Movie and Game Nights, Sunday Breakfasts and finishing with our Hall Themed Party. Most of these events will be free to attend or, if not, will be heavily subsidised by the hall. There will also be a selection of Imperial College Union events that can be attended, such as the Freshers and Post-Grad Mingle and the Freshers Fair where you can join or find out more about Imperial College’s 350+ Societies. See the Imperial College Union Website for more details.

Sunday Brunch

Traditionally, we run a free brunch for all to attend on Sunday mornings which will include a regular breakfast selection of cereals, toast and fruit juices but also a speical for each week, such as full English fried Breakfast, pancakes, smoothies, pastries and much more. All made each week by your hall Wardens and Seniors.

Casual Poker Nights

We have also been running regular free to play Poker nights where we will be playing for the pride of Parsons House. We also provide snacks and drinks for a casual evening of cards and chat for an evening away from work.

Parsons’ Ready, Steady, Cook

A popular evening that is run once or twice a term where each flat is given a small budget to make a dish that builds towards a whole meal for the hall to eat. We will often run a theme based on the time of year, such as Halloween or Thanksgiving. The best dish is then chosen by the hall and the winning flat can walk away with pride and maybe even some prizes.

End of Term Parties

Towards the end of each term, we will run a free to all party at a local venue to celebrate the beginning of the holidays. This can range from a meal out to a themed party depending on what you want. Ideas and input for these events will be decided by the hall committee to make sure that we can organise the event that you want.

Other Events

We also organise a selection of individual events based on what you would like to do or see. In the past, this has included Paintball trips, Laser Quest, theater trips, Cirque du Soleil, cinema showings and trips to Portobello and Camden markets. These trips are sometimes run in conjunction with Pembridge Gardens and will be discounted by the hall so you can get a great deal.