Facilities and Services

Room contents

Each room has a desk and chair, a desk lamp, wardrobe, wash basket, a notice board and a bed. Each room has a telephone and internet service (you may want to bring a network cable with you). You will also need your own duvet, sheets, pillows and towels. There are several shops nearby for items you cannot bring with you.


There is a kitchen in every flat. Kitchens are equipped with stoves, ovens, fridge/freezers, microwaves, toasters and kettles. The space is limited, so bring only what you really need.

You will need your own cutlery, plates, washing-up liquid and towels and some utensils. Please do not bring any kitchen electrical items, overly large pots and pans. Note that safety regulations prohibit any cooking equipment (rice cookers, hot plates, kettles, toasters, microwaves, etc.) in the bedrooms.

Internet and Phone Line

Each room has an ethernet port from which you can connect to the College network. Internet is included in your accommodation fee, however you’ll need to bring your own Ethernet cable to get connected. You may be redirected to a registration page where you should follow the instructions to get started. Your room phone number will be (020) 785 + extension which you will find on your phone handset when you arrive. If calling from abroad it will be +44 20 785 + extension. Internal calls to other rooms and phones within Imperial are free but to make an external call you will need to set this up separately.

Post and Parcels

Post is delivered directly to your flat. Please note that we cannot accept post on your behalf. If you are expecting a parcel you must ensure that you are in to take receipt of it. If you do miss your parcel then there is a Royal Mail Post Office located nearby. There is also a selection of Amazon lockers at South Kensington Campus. Your address will be:

Flat and Room (###)
Parsons House
Claybrook Road
London W6 8NB


The laundry room is located in the basement of Cliff House (directly opposite the main entrance to Parsons House) and open 24 hours. The instructions and costs are clearly marked in the laundry room. These machines are card operated.

Do not overload the washing machines or dryers as they won’t wash or dry properly. If you experience any problems, please contact Circuit Laundry directly (contact information is clearly marked in the laundry room) and inform your Hall Supervisor. A laundry basket is provided in your bedroom and an ironing board can be found in each kitchen.

We recommend that you bring some washing detergent with you – a two-in-one washing liquid (rather than washing powder) would be best! For more information, please visit Circuit Laundry – there’s even a ‘how your laundry works video’ which shows you how to use the machines.


The communal areas are cleaned every weekday, the kitchens are cleaned three times a week and the rubbish is emptied regularly throughout the week (except Sundays). Any unwashed crockery or cutlery will be placed in special bins in the kitchen and promptly disposed of, so you should make sure to wash everything up immediately after use.

Your room will be cleaned once a month, however we advise that you keep your room as tidy as possible as rooms that are especially dirty will not be cleaned. If you have any issues relating to cleaning please report them to your Hall Supervisor. The cleaners do not do your washing up or tidying so make sure that surfaces and your floor area are clear.

You are responsible for the cleanliness of your room and kitchen. A mop, bucket and dustpan and brush will be provided in each kitchen. A vacuum cleaner is provided in communal areas and cleaning materials can be purchased from the local convenience store.

For more information, please visit Accomodation Cleaning .