You will need to register:

    • with Imperial College Student e-Service
    • with e-Halls, through eParsons
    • with a local doctor

Registering with Imperial College Student e-Service

After accepting an offer to live in Parsons, you will have to pay a deposit to the Accommodation Service, as well as complete on-line registration and upload a photo.

We suggest you complete the registration and upload a good photo of high quality as soon as possible. The photo will be used for your College Card. If you fail to upload a photo (on time), the card won’t be printed in time for the Move-in day and you will have to get one – taking all necessary paperwork with you – through the Security office. So, we strongly suggest you upload all this asap.

The Wardening Team who run the Hall are separate to the Accommodation Services, and we’re unlikely to be able to help with issues before this point. Once you’ve reserved your place in halls, you can start getting ready for the next steps…

Registering on eParsons

After accepting your offer you will be able to register with the Hall through eParsons. This is compulsory and should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Please ensure you complete all sections before arrival.

You must complete eParsons registration before you get your keys and move in to Parsons. The eParsons registration process will include updating your Emergency Contact Information and accepting the Hall Rules.

In order to register on eParsons you will need:

    • Your College Username and Password (probably your initials followed by 20)
    • Your CID Number (College ID Number)
    • A headshot photo (similar/the same as your College ID card photo)

You must print out and bring your eParsons Information Card with you on your arrival at Parsons House.

Health Centre Registration

It is a requirement of your stay in Halls that you are registered with a local doctor. If you are not from around London, it is suggested that you register with the College Health Centre, located in Prince’s Gardens, South Kensington. If you wish to (remain) register(ed) with another GP, you must get your GP practice to stamp the eParsons Information Card issued to you as part of the eParsons registration.

You will receive a registration form when you move into your hall; if you don’t please ask a member of your Hall staff or visit the Imperial College Health Centre website to download a registration form and learn about vaccination clinics. All students are required to register with a GP in London.

If you would like access to friendly, confidential advice and support or if you have a disability please get in touch with the Disability Advisory Service. The service can also provide screenings and assessments if you think you may be dyslexic or dyspraxic.


We strongly recommend that if you are under 25 years of age, you take advantage of free vaccinations against meningococcal infection and mumps.

Although rare, both illnesses occur more commonly amongst university students and both are potentially serious. Meningococcal meningitis can kill and mumps can damage fertility. It is recommended that you have two MMR vaccines (these should be spaced at an interval of at least three months).

Where possible, we recommend that all new university entrants should be vaccinated before the beginning of the new academic term in 2020.

If you have not had any vaccinations, it is very important that you arrange with your GP practice to do so as soon as possible, as the risk of infection is greatest in the first few weeks of term.