Arrivals Information

As part of the safety measures Imperial College has introduced in response to COVID-19, we have staggered arrivals over a two-week period. Whilst you can arrive anytime over these two weeks at no additional cost, we are asking that you only book to arrive on Saturday 19 or Sunday 20 if you are travelling from a destination where you are required or self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival.

For more information about booking your arrival slot and self-isolating in halls, please visit Moving into Halls.

Welcome Week

The first official week of term is known as the Welcome Week! It is packed with various events organized by the Wardening Team, your Department and the Imperial College Union. This year, most events will take place online.

Many of the Welcome Week events organized by the Wardening Team are either heavily subsidized or free. More details about the events will become available on our website in due course. We strongly encourage that you attend all events, as the Welcome Week is an excellent opportunity to meet a lot of colleagues, many of whom will become your lifelong friends.

For information on what is included in the Hall, please see the Life in Halls page. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at the address below we will endeavor to answer your queries.